July 29 1958 Deadly Accident in Lukulu

July 29 1958 in Lukulu (kundamasangu)

J.C.C.E.S.K. is Jesus Christ's Church on earth by his special Envoy Simon Kimbangu (J.C.C.E.S.K.) which delivers messages from Papa Simon Kimbangu. Papa Simon Kimbangu Kiangani the actual head of the church is also the spiritual leader and the legal representative of the Kimbanguist church.

July 29 1958 deadly accident in Lukulu


Papa Diangienda started his speech as a prayer on July 29 1991:

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We are talking a lot these days, I hope that I am not bothering you. Kimbanguists (followers) responded in one united voice:" No, no, no, no..."

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. First, We are filling you with joy, and you are joyful. You showed us great Love. We listened to the biblical word while worshiping God through the bible with the pastor. If we think of today topic we have the melancholy. Why do we have the melancholy?

As Papa Diangienda was told by his Father Papa Simon Kimbangu to go to Lukulu but unfortunately he will die on the road. It is something very important.
"If you refuse to go, you and I will be in disagreement, but remember if you go you will die. If you refuse to go, you and I will be in disagreement."
Between both declarations you have to decide, make up your mind. So I decided to go and die, love.

My Father told me that he heard God's voice telling him:" I will go to Tchela, but something will happen on the road. But I will not reach Tchela, I will die on the road."
I asked again my Father "What do you want?"
He replied: " you just have to go."
"Do you want me to go there and die."

At that moment I heard God's voice telling me that "You must go".
So Papa Diangienda decided to go and die to be in accord with his Father as proof of his love. My Father told me that he heard God's voice telling him:
" On the road to Tchela something will happen to me, I will not die there but on the road."
My Father appeared in Lowa on July 29 1952 at 7am and at 7am on July 29 I had a deadly accident.
"If you refuse to go, you and I will be in disagreement but remember if you go you will die."
"(Papa) Father don't you like me."
God 's voice ordered me to go. It's true that death is something different, scary.

The sun, when everybody sees the sun, If a child is born his aim is to grow up, his aim is to grow up. No matter the age of a man confronted with death, when facing death he will not easily accept to die. Myself when my Dad asked me to die on the road, I fled.

In 1921 when his Father saw what will happen to him in Ngombe - Kinsuka, he shouted strongly with no instruments or microphone but his voice was heard far away in Ngombe-Matadi. It is not a small matter, it is something complicated.

Jesus saw his death coming he was scared, he was scared and finally said "let it be as God will."

Love is something beautiful you can't imagine. My Father Papa Simon Kimbangu told me "I will die on the road."
and asked him "Dad don't you like me?"

Buta ka Vuilu you have said: "If I say that we will succeed, that means we have succeeded, it's the truth"

"Jesus Christ died and resuscitated, Papa Simon Kimbangu died and resuscitated". "For these people there is no doubt that we have been saved, but for this skin if you are ill you will look for medicine or drugs to be cured, but if God's decision arrives whatever you will like it or not, we must go (die)."

If you buy those medicine in any form and get all the treatments. Have an injection and you're cured but if God decides that it is your time to go you will die.
Ladies and gentlemen (Ba tatas, ba mamas), honestly this day is a very important day. When my thoughts return at that time, I can't even imagine what happened that day, I am frightened because what happened there is a matter of truth. God loves us a lot ladies and gentlemen (Ba tatas, ba mamas). Since that day till today thirty three (33) years have passed. Find your way to know what happened.

We will understand its meaning later on. We pray a truthful God and must stay with our truthful God; it will help when we will ask for anything we need that is not easily granted. We are going forward and have other programs arranged ahead of us in the future. Many of us will be taken by surprise despite our warnings ( teaching and preaching ). For what will happen in the future, we must be aware of it.

A rat built his beautiful house, in his main room several luxurious chairs, in a private sitting room everything to help himself to enjoy with his private guests; in the kitchen the same design follows; in the dining room and in the bedroom you will find everything you should expect in the luxurious palace. A beautiful house but something was missing, instead of building security exits in case of a fire or accident which can accidently start from any part of the house, it will not have time to get out. It did not have that precautionary thought.

If it had put security exits in a case of attack by enemies it could have been saved . If an invader came inside the house it will have no way out. Since that day rats have security exits. Rats are very fast, with a security exit it could have been saved.

(...A drunken man was sitting under a tree smoking a cigarette, he dropped his cigarette butt on the ground which started the fire in the bush...) "from previous speeches related to the same dream."

The huge viper who went to visit him left the rat with no exit. The frog did make his move inside the house well before the viper. The rat was trapped inside his house despite his intelligence. The viper was not attracted by the frog because of its appearance but when entering the house it found itself in a position with preys given as gifts. The Viper was so happy to have for meal the rat, so when it will finish with his first meal, it will show how it welcomes guests.

The frog was surprised that the viper followed him inside the house (after the fire started in the bush). They were fleeing death because of the fire in the bush. When the viper came, the rat tries to escape using his speed and leaving the two other inside the house to fight each other but when the rain (tropical rains) started all the animals were trapped inside the house within the walls. The bush fire died, the strongest one the viper died, followed by the frog which loves water but could not breath; even the architect engineer, the rat who built the house died.

Ladies and gentlemen (Ba tatas, ba mamas), My Father ordered me to go: " If you refuse to go, you and I will be in disagreement." I like my Father so much, " but remember if you go you will die." It's very difficult.

Even Jesus Christ cried, asking his Father : " why did you left me in the hands of my enemies , but forgive them because they don't know what they are doing." " It is real."

Ladies and gentlemen (Ba tatas, ba mamas) we are going forward, we will see lot of surprises in the days to come, we must follow God in his rightness, his Love, his Commandments and his Work. For every good thing we do there is a reward. I talked about a Pastor, one of my old friend from Maluba tribe, a drunkard man; when I arrived in Kinshasa I met him drinking lot of alcohol.

If he has not finished his bottle he will not leave. Abuse of alcohol has perforated his lungs and he was seeking treatment for tuberculosis. At that time if you did get it (tuberculosis), all the family will be in total despair and will know that you are going to die soon. Doctors advice him not to drink at all but he carried on drinking strong alcohol mixture and when he felt painful ailments, he was always coming to visit me so I could help him.
"Ha Mr Joseph help me"
I ordered him many times "why could you not stop drinking alcohol", he responded " he could not stop"
" Doctors have asked me to stop drinking but I could not resist drinking more alcohol."

"We have help him a lot. We have help him a lot."
"We help him and he was cured, We help him and he was cured", but now it was his last chance, and said to me: "I have never listened you. You helped me a lot and now it's my time to die"
I did love him a lot and sought to help him again but he refused and asked me to pray for him because he is a sinner. His wife disagreed and said:" Papa Joseph, heal him ( make him well) again."

A father with many children always visiting pubs and not drinking responsibly. If he still have some money in his pocket he will not leave the place or the pub. "I have abandoned other things but I can't understand why I can't stop drinking alcohol disorderly."
"So now I will die, I can't stop taking beer, whiskey and red vine."
People in their situation were asked not to drink vine and alcohol; some of them decided to leave Kinshasa and go to Brazzaville so they could help themselves with alcohol.

Several days later I saw his children, telling me: "Papa, your friend is died."
I whispered: "Ha, what are we going to do, it's not a problem". (meaning that we will do something) As he was always crying "Papa forgive me, Papa forgive me".

I was used to be called Papa since I was a child. he died and was buried; sometime after I had an accident, I went to met him there in Lukulu. "How did he manage to get there?"

On the 8th April 1980 Papa Wisk Raymond came to visit me, Papa Wisk Raymond came to visit me. He had already refused before to visit me, so when I learned that Papa Wisk Raymond came to see me, I was surprised , I did ask again so they will testify if it was the truth. I went to welcome him behind the house.

"Papa Raymond what's the matter?" "It's the truth that you are God, we tried everything to catch (kill) you, but we couldn't reach you. I came here so you can forgive me." I answered: "It's not a problem."
"He came honestly to ask for forgiveness, other people make me do wrong things and I am asking you to forgive me.
I never wanted to deny your authority but when they did ask me heartlessly and vigorously with a cold-bloodedly mind which showed no mercy and compassion, I was obliged to and went on their side."

Since 1963 it is only in 1980 that you came to visit me so I could forgive you, well done. We spoke, pray and I wished him goodbye.
On 8th of May I went to Australia, but curiously inside the plane where I was sitting with Papa Bena and my wife, I saw Papa Raymond. "I am going"
I asked "where are you going"
"Ha Papa I'm gone, I'm here to get my pass"
Inside the plane, very high, far away from the ground. "What did you do to get inside the plane".
" How did he know that I was going to Australia?" asked Papa Diangienda.

"Ladies and gentlemen (Ba tatas, ba mamas), this matter is not what you think it is. My friend the Muluba and I went to met in Lukulu (July 29 1958). " How did that happen?"

And with Papa Raymond we met not in Kinshasa , not in Brussels but far away in a jumbo jet going to Australia. There is no windows even if there are some we can't open them. What did he do to get there? He entered inside the flight telling me : "Hi Papa, It's me Papa Raymond"
"Where are you going"
"I am gone"
We went back to Paris I learned from Masanga that his Dad little brother is died.
"Which one?" I asked.
"Papa Wisk"
"When exactly? "
"The day we met him in the plane"
"But how did he manage to get inside the plane?"

"Ladies and gentlemen (Ba tatas, ba mamas), this is a very complicated matter, but we are going forward with Love, respect of Commandments and Work (Bolingo, Mibeko, Misala). We must strongly love others as we love ourselves.

That day (July 29 1958) became a day of remembrance with lot of joy but that day people were crying, I had stolen that day. It's true that people like me. But during that time the way people went to Kwilungongo was something very surprising.

Papa Diangienda went to die in Lukulu (kundamasangu) to redeem us, for that reason he shed his blood so we can be freed from satan's hands. He went there to save all of us, we were chained in the devil's hands. By dying in Lukulu he met dead people in the death valley. It is what happened at kundamasangu (Lukulu)

Menga ma me ma bunguka vana Lukulu

Menga ma me ma bunguka vana Lukulu, wunu'eki manungisi nvoula makumi mi tatu ma ya....

Kanda ndombe wa kala wa kangama mu menga ma me ma ntalu ya lu sumbilua

                                                               - % -

Muna fuku ya mona tata wanduakila wa ntuma ye wansonga mabu ma kunduakila

1.Kanda ndombe wa kala wa kangama mu menga ma me ma ntalu ya lu sumbilua

2.ya kolamako yavanga bonso lutumu lua Se diame, buyaluaka vana Kundamasangu.

menga mame eeeee mabunguka; mumenga mame mantalu yalusumbilua

Speech made on July 29 1991 in French and Lingala

Papa Simon Kimbangu

Papa Simon Kimbangu in his most recognisable picture


“Papa Simon Kimbangu the Holy Spirit . ”


  • Papa Simon Kimbangu.
  • Papa Charles Daniel Kisolokele Lukelo.
  • Papa Salomon Dialungana Kiangani.
  • Papa Joseph Diangienda Kuntima.
  • Papa Simon Kimbangu Kiangani.

Papa Simon Kimbangu

Papas_SKs_Simon KIMBANGUs FAKI - Fanfare Kimbanguiste Angels worshiping the Holy Trinity Angels worshiping the Holy Trinity Angels worshiping the Holy Trinity Papa Kisolekele - God Papa Salomon Dialungana Kiangani - Jesus Christ. Papa Simon Kimbangu - Holy Spirit Papa Joseph Diangienda Kuntima, Holy Spirit Papa Simon Kimbangu Kiangani - Holy Spirit Nkamba Temple Nkamba Temple

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“ Papa Simon Kimbangu with his sons Papa Kisolokele, Papa Dialungana and Papa Diangienda and his grand son Papa Simon Kimbangu Kiangani actual Spiritual Leader and Legal Representative of the Kimbanguist's Church with angels surrounding them and the FAKI (Fanfare Kimbanguiste) worshiping God's envoys. ”

Numbered List of Kimbanguist Spiritual Leaders:

  1. Papa Joseph Diangienda Kuntima
  2. Papa Salomon Dialungana Kiangani
  3. Papa Simon Kimbangu Kiangani

Papa Simon Kimbangu's Life

Papa Simon Kimbangu was born on Wednesday, September 12, 1887 in the village of Nkamba, Bas Congo, Republic Democratic of Congo from Kuyela his father and Luezi his mother and after the death of his mother; he was adopted by his aunt Kinzembo. In Kikongo, his native mother tongue the word kimbangu means reveals the hidden truth but asked witnesses to be silent and not to shout about it.

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