The Church of Jesus Christ on Earth by His Special Envoy Simon Kimbangu

Addresses in D.R.CONGO (DRC)

L'Eglise de Jesus Christ par son Envoye Special Simon Kimbangu

Nkamba Nouvelle Jerusalem



Republique Democratique du Congo


London Parish, UK :

Principal Pastor in Charge

Papa Reverend Pastor Pierre Ghyslain Sambu DIANGANGU

Contact No: 0044 77 06 75 01 17
Unit 9M, Eley Road, Eley Trading Estate
Edmonton, Enfield
London N18 3BB
United Kingdom

Parish Secretary Office Administrator

Maman Deaconess Augustine KASSAMBWE






J.C.C.E.S.K. is Jesus Christ's Church on earth by his special Envoy Simon Kimbangu (J.C.C.E.S.K.) which delivers messages from Papa Simon Kimbangu. Papa Simon Kimbangu Kiangani the actual head of the church is also the spiritual leader and the legal representative of the Kimbanguist's church.

Papa Simon Kimbangu

Papa Simon Kimbangu the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ special envoy.

Papa Simon Kimbangu's Life

Papa Simon Kimbangu was born on Wednesday, September 12, 1887 in the village of Nkamba, Bas Congo, Republic Democratic of Congo from Kuyela his father and Luezi his mother and after the death of his mother; he was adopted by his aunt Kinzembo. In Kikongo, his native mother tongue the word kimbangu means the one who reveals the hidden truth . During his childhood the young Papa Simon Kimbangu did accomplish lot of miracles but asked witnesses to be silent and not to shout about it.

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