Father God Almighty Papa Kisolokele - 100 years

Papa Kisolokele, Father God Almighty


Papa Charles Daniel Kisolokele Lukelo, Father God Almighty
February 12, 1914 - March 17, 1992

Papa Charles Daniel Kisolokele Lukelo, Father God Almighty

Papa Charles Daniel Kisolokele Lukelo, Father God Almighty


Born in Nkamba the Holy City (renamed later Nkamba New Jerusalem) on February 12, 1914. Papa Kisolokele , Father God Almighty came to us human as the first son of Papa Simon Kimbangu. His birth is not a common birth because he came on earth like a shooting star , Maman Mwilu did not give birth to Papa Kisolokele (February 12, 1914 - March 17, 1992), neither to Papa Dialungana (May 25, 1916 - August 16, 2001) and Papa Diangienda (March 22, 1918 - July , 1992).
At the time chosen by God, Maman Mwilu Kiawanga Nzitani (May 7, 1880 - April 27, 1959) went in a bush and came back with a very handsome boy. All her movements were followed by three ladies living in Nkamba who suspected that she might be pregnant. These ladies wanted to know her whereabouts and what was happening to Maman Mwilu.
When Maman Mwilu came out from the bush with the baby they went to inspect the scene where they believed she gave birth and at their total surprise there was no trace of any baby delivery in the surrounding area and even no trace of any residual from the baby delivery or pain of any kind seen on Maman Mwilu.
This matter has happened three times with the birth of Papa Kisolokele, Papa Dialungana and Papa Diangienda; these three ladies have witnessed the birth of the Holy Trinity without knowing the real meaning of these Holy events.
These three ladies have spoken out many times in public at different spiritual events in Nkamba New Jerusalem to testify the truthfulness about these baby deliveries.


Papa Charles Daniel Kisolokele Lukelo went to primary and secondary school colony of Boma from 1921 to 1930. But long before he was following his father when he was free where ever he was going even when his father told him not to do so with a formal and strict interdiction not to follow him.
It is why he encountered in many events and occasions lot of miracles made by his father the Holy Spirit Papa Simon Kimbangu such as healing people, resuscitating dead, making blinds see, making paralytics walk and mutes talk.
By being near his father, he ended being arrested at the age of 7 and relegated to Boma, Bas Congo, D. R. Congo far away from his birthplace while his father was sent in prison to Lubumbashi Katanga, D. R. Congo more than 2000 km away.

This is an extract of the court audition where Papa Kisolokele , Father God Almighty was questioned by the Belgium Colony when only aged of 7.
These events took place long after the 6th April 1921 where Papa Simon Kimbangu started his mission as Special Envoy of Jesus Christ on Earth, when his father went to present himself to the colonial authorities on September 12, 1921 to be arrested.
A trial on October 3rd, 1921 before Commandant De Rossi an Italian former priest and president judge for the War Counsel which was set by the Belgium Colonial Government in Thysville, actual Mbanza-Ndounga in Bas Congo, D. R. Congo started .
Papa Simon Kimbangu was questioned by De Rossi the president judge and it was the turn of Papa Kisolokele.

De Rossi: Kisolokele, go to the magistrate bar and identify yourself.
Kisolokele: My name is Kisolokele Lukelo Charles son of Kimbangu and Mwilu Kiawanga Marie.
I was born on February 12 , 1914 in Nkamba
De Rossi: Are you Kimbangu first son?
Kisolokele: Yes I am.
De Rossi: What can you tell us about the so called miracles that your father is operating?
Kisolokele: Those miracles did take place; I witness them with my own eyes.
De Rossi: Do you think that at your age, you can understand a miracle? If so what miracles did you see operated by your father?
Kisolokele: Mr judge, I know perfectly well what a miracle is, under my own eyes I saw my father resurrect the dead, restore sight to the blind, heal deaf so they can hear again, make the handicap walk again, by saying " Rise up and be healed in the name of Jesus Christ".
De Rossi: Kisolokele do you really think that at your age, you can make a difference between a person who is sleeping and a person who is dead?
Kisolokele: Yes, I am able to do so.
De Rossi: What make you believe that the people that your father was pretending to heal were not sleeping comedians, playing their roles in a scenario prepared by your own father?
Kisolokele: Mr Judge, I repeat that I know the difference between a dead person and a sleeping one. My father did raise the dead and healed people.
De Rossi: Kisolokele, I will set you free, you , your mother and your brothers if you tell the truth to the tribunal and confirm that your father lied by spreading false rumours about miracles.
Kisolokele: If I tell you lies, I know that God will punish me. I therefore hang on to my statement that all those miracles associated with my father are authentic miracles.

Furious the President judge kicked his table and spread the ink on his paperwork then asked a black soldier present in the courtroom to slap the seven years old and the soldier immediately replied " I cannot slap a little boy".
De Rossi: Do what I am ordering you to do, if not you will be degraded immediately.
Soldier: You can degrade me but I will not slap a seven years old little boy.
The soldier was arrested under the command of De Rossi and Papa Kisolokele was relegated to Boma.

Professional life

After his Diploma, Papa Kisolokele entered the public administration where he made a part of his career and in 1960 was promoted with the rank of Territorial Administrator. During the same year he was appointed Minister of Labour (1960 - 1963) a position he held with the first three Congo Belgian governments.
Later on Papa Kisolokele was elected MP (Member of Parliament) in 1963 and three years later appointed as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Institute of Vocational Preparation - INPP a position he left in 1971.


Papa Charles Daniel Kisolokele Lukelo, Father God Almighty participated at several political meetings in the aim to influence positively a decision in favour of the freedom of the Belgium Congo .
Belgium authorities were undecided to free the Congolese people so Father God Almighty sent his Armaguedons to the former Belgium Congo to neutralise the Belgium colony and his army so congolese people could be freed.

The Holy Spirit Papa Simon Kimbangu Kiangani announces the sequence of events for festivities of Father God Almighty Papa Kisolokele for February 12 2014 - 100 years

The Holy Spirit Papa Simon Kimbangu Kiangani announces the sequence of events for festivities of Father God Almighty Papa Charles Daniel Kisolokele Lukelo which will take place particularly in Nkamba in February 12 2014 - 100 years- also celebrated around the world and how to behave (in Lingala).

Holy Trinity in Nkamba New Jerusalem during 5 Months

Holy Trinity Father God Papa Kisolokele, Jesus Christ Papa Dialungana and the Holy Spirit Papa Diangienda in Nkamba New Jerusalem during 5 Months

Celebration of 100 years of Father God Almighty Papa Kisolokele Lukelo in Nkamba new Jerusalem




Funeral of Father God Almighty Papa Kisolokele Lukelo

Papa Simon Kimbangu

Papa Simon Kimbangu in his most recognisable picture


“Papa Simon Kimbangu the Holy Spirit . ”


  • Papa Simon Kimbangu.
  • Papa Charles Daniel Kisolokele Lukelo.
  • Papa Salomon Dialungana Kiangani.
  • Papa Joseph Diangienda Kuntima.
  • Papa Simon Kimbangu Kiangani.

Papa Simon Kimbangu

Papas_SKs_Simon KIMBANGUs FAKI - Fanfare Kimbanguiste Angels worshiping the Holy Trinity Angels worshiping the Holy Trinity Angels worshiping the Holy Trinity Papa Kisolekele - God Papa Salomon Dialungana Kiangani - Jesus Christ. Papa Simon Kimbangu - Holy Spirit Papa Joseph Diangienda Kuntima, Holy Spirit Papa Simon Kimbangu Kiangani - Holy Spirit Nkamba Temple Nkamba Temple

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“ Papa Simon Kimbangu with his sons Papa Kisolokele, Papa Dialungana and Papa Diangienda and his grand son Papa Simon Kimbangu Kiangani actual Spiritual Leader and Legal Representative of the Kimbanguist's Church with angels surrounding them and the FAKI (Fanfare Kimbanguiste) worshiping God's envoys. ”

Numbered List of Kimbanguist Spiritual Leaders:

  1. Papa Joseph Diangienda Kuntima
  2. Papa Salomon Dialungana Kiangani
  3. Papa Simon Kimbangu Kiangani

Papa Simon Kimbangu's Life

Papa Simon Kimbangu was born on Wednesday, September 12, 1887 in the village of Nkamba, Bas Congo, Republic Democratic of Congo from Kuyela his father and Luezi his mother and after the death of his mother; he was adopted by his aunt Kinzembo. In Kikongo, his native mother tongue the word kimbangu means reveals the hidden truth but asked witnesses to be silent and not to shout about it.

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