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J.C.C.E.S.K. is Jesus Christ's Church on earth by his special Envoy Simon Kimbangu (J.C.C.E.S.K.) which delivers messages from Papa Simon Kimbangu. Papa Simon Kimbangu Kiangani the actual head of the church is also the spiritual leader and the legal representative of the Kimbanguist church.

Prophecy of the Holy Spirit, Papa Simon Kimbangu

The Holy Spirit, Papa Simon Kimbangu

- Saturday September 10, 1921 in Mbanza-Nsanda, Kongo-Central

Prophecy of the Holy Spirit, Papa Simon Kimbangu (Saturday September 10, 1921 in Mbanza-Nsanda, Kongo-Central)

Each human being has received a specific gift to testify God's greatness. God speaks through chosen human beings to deliver his message. On Saturday September 10, 1921 was a special day for the Holy Spirit, at the beginning of morning worship at 9:00 am, Simon Kimbangu enters the palms' enclosure, his face is serious, his eyes are bright and he addressed the crowd in these terms:

My Brothers (Zimpangi Zami), the spirit has revealed to me that the time to give myself up to the authorities has arrived. Remember, with my arrest will start a terrible period of unspeakable persecutions to myself and many people.

But you will stand firm because the spirit of our Almighty God (Mpeve ya Batata Nzambia Mpungu Tulendo) will never abandon us. He never abandons anyone who has entrusted him.

The governmental authorities will impose to my 'physical' a very long silence, but they'll never manage to destroy the work I've done, because it comes from God.

Of course, my physical will be subjected to the humiliation and the displeasure, but my spiritual person will go into battle against the injustices sown by the people of the world of darkness that came to dominate us using the colonisation.

I have been sent to liberate the people of the Kongo, Black men around the world....

6th April Prayer

In 1918 when praying on the hills of Nkamba, Papa Simon Kimbangu heard a call from Jesus Christ his Lord, the voice said: I am Christ. My people are unfaithful. I have chosen you to bear witness and lead them to the path of the truth and salvation. Your mission will be difficult, but dont be frightened because I will always remain at your side. He was frightened to death but did manage to give an answer, he said: Lord, I am not fit and even have not sufficient knowledge to accomplish such difficult mission. This mission will be worth it for pastors of Gombe-Lutete for example, they are better educated than me. Since then Papa Simon Kimbangu did have many calls from the Lord and frightened, he moved later on to the capital, Kinshasa (then Leopoldville), where he worked briefly as a migrant labourer at an oil refinery to postpone the moment until he will be ready, he left in Nkamba his wife Maman Mwilu kiawanga and his three children Dialungana Kiangani, Kisolokele Lukelo and Diangienda Kuntima. He continued to receive calls while living in Kinshasa. On April 6, 1921, Papa Simon Kimbangu performed his first public act of faith healing. He has laid his hands on a critically ill woman , Nkiantondo and healed her by prayers. This act marked the beginning of Kimbangu's healing revival and six months of intensive religious activity. NKamba, the seat of Kimbangu's healing ministry, became known as the 'New Jerusalem', and thousands of (locals and people from neighbouring countries) converts flocked to him.

6th April Prayer


On this day of the 6th April, we submit you our supplications by this song. Oh God, our Father! In order for us to change and to regain your grace, you sent us your Son Jesus Christ to accomplish your promises.

Our Lord, Jesus Christ, you accepted a shameful death, so we could be saved. You were crucified with thieves. One of them mocked you but you did not respond. You did all that to obey your Father so we sinners could regain your Grace. Yes all was accomplished for us sinners.

We know your will; you want us to regain your grace and be among our saints in heaven. Before you ascent you promised the Holy Spirit to your disciples. You told them to go to all nations to preach the word. You promised your disciples the coming of the Holy Spirit who would be with them, but the world will not know him. We read that in the Holy Scriptures.

On this day of the 6th April, God our Father, Jesus Christ our Saviour, Papa Simon Kimbangu the Holy Spirit, We lost our way before your eyes, before we have turned away from your path, and we have neglected your commandments.

We kneel down before you to ask for your forgiveness, we recognise our sins. You have put the world through a test so we could know who you really are.

Teach us your ways; our intelligence is still like a child. Our sins are the cause of all manners of afflictions which overwhelm us: death, illness, wars and famine are the cause of our sufferings. We have no other protection but yours.

Come to rescue us. Make us triumph from these earthly temptations. Wipe away our tears, oh Lord! Do not look at our sins, because, Lord Jesus Christ, you died on the cross so that we could be called God&¦146;s children.

We ask for peace all around the world: in Africa, Europe, America, Asia and Oceania. Is it not you, Lord who had said no stone would remain on the top of another, it will be removed.

We can see that in the world people keep killing each other. May you choose their leaders in peace; worthy of your trust to guide them. Before you there is already a sea of human blood. We pray to you to bring peace so that all races can live in harmony.

These are the supplications that we present to you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


27th April 1959, Maman Mwilu

27th April 1959 Commemoration of the death of Maman Mwilu Kiawanga Nzitani, wife of Papa Simon Kimbangu, the Holy Spirit.

Born on May 7 1880, Maman Mwilu Kiawanga Nzitani has kept the faith of the Holy Spirit alive after Papa Simon Kimbangu was arrested. She was managing secretly the kimbanguist movement before his official recognition in 1959 by the Belgium colony.

Maman Mwilu raised her children alone when her husband Simon Kimbangu was arrested, judged and sentenced to death. (He died 30 years later in Kasombo prison, in Lubumbashi.) At that time the first son Papa kisolokele 7 years was relegated to Boma while the youngest ones Papa Dialungana 5 years, Papa Diangienda 3 years and their mother Maman Mwilu did have a formal restriction order not to leave Ngombe-Kinsunka area. She was very brave to face all the restriction orders set by the colonial power and she suffered a lot.

Maman Mwilu

Jesus Christ born on 25th of May (real date of birth)

Self revelation of Papa Dialungana born on 25th of May 1916 in Nkamba at 6 a.m. as he is Jesus Christ, celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ our Saviour. Papa Salomon Dialungana Kiangani was born in Nkamba on May 25, 1916 (and died on August 16 2001), he is the second son of Papa Simon Kimbangu and has spent most of his time in Nkamba New jerusalem where he was called Nfumu' a Mbanza in his native tongue meaning Guardian or keeper of the Holy City Nkamba New Jerusalem.
He has fulfilled his promise by respecting the recommendation made by his father asking him to stay in Nkamba New Jerusalem as the Keeper of the Holy City. Papa Salomon Dialungana Kiangani attended school in Ngombe-Kinsuka and became an author with many books to his credit, including the Kimbanguist catechism, original title Le Catechisme Kimbanguiste which groups three books about the Kimbanguist catechism that include La chronologie christologique, l'enseignement sur les ecritures saintes et l'enseignement sur le kimbanguiste (The christological chronology, teaching of the Holy Scriptures and the teaching of the Kimbanguist.) which was a direct response to the recommendations made during the general assembly of the Kimbanguist church in April 1999 in Nkamba New Jerusalem.The book allows to catechumens to properly identify, understand and apprehend dogmas, aspects, reperes that form the basis of the Kimbanguism. Papa Salomon Dialungana Kiangani was married to Maman Clementine Kiwasisulua and became the Spiritual Leader after the death of his youngest brother Papa Joseph Diangienda Kuntima.
Papa Salomon Dialungana Kiangani followed the steps of his father, Papa Simon Kimbangu by resuscitating dead, by making blinds see, by making paralytics walk and mutes talk. Dialungana in his native tongue (kikongo) means It's accomplished. Jesus Christ came back to us sinners for the second time and we did not recognise him until his self revelation in public in Nkamba New Jerusalem.

Papa Dialungana Kiangani

Kimpa Vita (1684 - 1706)

15th Century showing Maman Kimpa Vita (1684 - 1706) a member of the royal family in the Kongo Kingdom (Central Africa) who lived during the period when Portuguese were invaders.
Kimpa Vita taught all her followers that Jesus was an African born in the Kongo Kingdom and all his disciples were Africans too. Not tolerant to fetishes she asked them to burn fetishes they owned and abandon practices of witchcraft and all impure practices associated to black magic.
Kimpa Vita with her army regained Mbanza Kongo (Sao Salvador) capital of the Kingdom in 1705 after it was deserted due to slavery activities by Portuguese. Mbanza Kongo was restored as capital by the King of Kongo.
A time will come with the arrival of Kimbangu that all chains of the European repression and tyranny will be abolished.
Maman Kimpa Vita was prophesising on the arrival of the Holy Spirit.

One day in the countryside fields she saw a light, very bright light coming from the sky , she went to see what was happening and found a baby . She took the baby and carried him on her back as mums do with their own child.
Later on she was burned alive on Saturday 2nd of July 1706 when the king was misled by Portuguese serving as advisors but she remained on her position.

The day she was burnt alive , she was still carrying the baby. The baby did not burn, he stayed on her back and went back from where he came from in a form of white bird flying free in the sky. The baby was Simon Kimbangu the Holy Spirit.
Before she died, she prophesised that "Nzambi vo ka Tambika Kimbangu" God will send us "Kimbangu" meaning the one who reveals the hidden truth.

"Is it not important for me to die now? This path, now or later, I have to cross it in my life. Me as individual I am nothing more than a little lump of earth. I do not attach any importance. One day or the other this body will be reduced in dust, in ash."

"However, my mind, my soul will exalt the glory of the Most High Nzambi'a Mpungu Tulendo. No one down here will be able to handle. And God will provide another more powerful that has to come to stop the invaders."

Before her birth a church was erected overnight by angels in Mbanza Kongo in 1596 and the church still stand now and it is known as kulumbimbi.



24th of December 1959 Official Recognition of the Kimbanguist Church

The official recognition of the Kimbanguist Church by the Belgium colony on 4th of December 1959, marks the beginning of a new era where followers can enjoy freely their faith on the Holy Spirit without persecution, intimidation, fear, or being frightened.

Maman Marie Kinzembo

Maman Marie Kinzembo raised Papa Simon Kimbangu on her own when his mother Maman Luezi died. Maman Luezi was the spouse of Papa Kuyela. Maman Marie Kinzembo was arbitrarily arrested without trial by the Belgium court-martial on the matter regarding the criminal justice in Mbanza Ngungu (known as Thysville) and sent in prison in Boma, Bas-Congo where she died on July 2nd 1929.
Maman MARIE KINZEMBO is the reincarnation of Maman KIMPA VITA.

Maman Marie KINZEMBO

Papa Simon Kimbangu

Papa Simon Kimbangu in his most recognisable picture


&¦8220;Papa Simon Kimbangu the Holy Spirit . &¦8221;


  • Papa Simon Kimbangu.
  • Papa Charles Daniel Kisolokele Lukelo.
  • Papa Salomon Dialungana Kiangani.
  • Papa Joseph Diangienda Kuntima.
  • Papa Simon Kimbangu Kiangani.

Papa Simon Kimbangu

Papas_SKs_Simon KIMBANGUs FAKI - Fanfare Kimbanguiste Angels worshiping the Holy Trinity Angels worshiping the Holy Trinity Angels worshiping the Holy Trinity Papa Kisolekele - God Papa Salomon Dialungana Kiangani - Jesus Christ. Papa Simon Kimbangu - Holy Spirit Papa Joseph Diangienda Kuntima, Holy Spirit Papa Simon Kimbangu Kiangani - Holy Spirit Nkamba Temple Nkamba Temple

Mouse over our Holy Papas from the Holy Trinity, Nkamba Temple, The FAKI and the Angels and see the different descriptions.

&¦8220; Papa Simon Kimbangu with his sons Papa Kisolokele, Papa Dialungana and Papa Diangienda and his grand son Papa Simon Kimbangu Kiangani actual Spiritual Leader and Legal Representative of the Kimbanguist's Church with angels surrounding them and the FAKI (Fanfare Kimbanguiste) worshiping God's envoys. &¦8221;

Papa Simon Kimbangu's Life

Papa Simon Kimbangu was born on Wednesday, September 12, 1887 in the village of Nkamba, Bas Congo, Republic Democratic of Congo from Kuyela his father and Luezi his mother and after the death of his mother; he was adopted by his aunt Kinzembo. In Kikongo, his native mother tongue the word kimbangu means the one who reveals the hidden truth. During his childhood the young Papa Simon Kimbangu did accomplish lot of miracles but asked witnesses to be silent and not to shout about it.


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